Trailer cargo nets & safety nets

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Trailer cargo nets are used to prevent the load from sliding or falling out. Made of very durable mesh with a 6 mm thick rubber fastening cord. Available in various different sizes - you will definitely find the right one for your needs!


Siatki transportowe

Cargo nets - safety during transport

In order to secure your goods correctly, you need to know what is best for your transportation needs. Cargo nets are an excellent solution here! Please note that any home-made net will never be as efficient as professionally designed cargo nets. Not only are such nets very flexible, so they can be easily fit the load, but ensure adequate protection.

Transport safety nets no not need to have the same dimensions as the transport surface of your trailer. Companies selling cargo nets offer various possible dimensions. If you are not sure what grid size to choose, simply contact our specialists by means of online chat, e-mail or phone. They will help you choose the right size for your transportation needs.

Safety nets for transportation purposes - UNITRAILER

UNITRAILER safety cargo nets are now available in many different sizes. They are mostly made of durable, weather-resistant polypropylene that is able to withstand any mechanical damage. Thanks to the fact that they are made of a special fibre, they weigh close to nothing. Applying them on your trailer will never pose any problems. You'll be able to put it on in less than a minute. All nets have a 6 mm rubber cord, which makes it easy to attach the net to the circumference of the trailer's transport surface. Their intense green colour makes them visible on the transported materials. The mesh size is mostly 45x45 mm. If you are looking for safety nets with a smaller mesh spacing, we encourage to take a closer look at KNOTT nets, which boast a spacing of 35x35 mm. 

Possibly the greatest advantage of trailer safety nets is that they are very easy to stretch. Even after repeated use, they return to their original size and are as flexible as when first used. No bumps on the road will ever pose a threat to the mesh. They are also resistant to any frost, heat, heavy rainfall, hail and UV rays. The broad range of transport nets available above on the market is tempting. However, it is definitely better to opt for a safety net produced by a proven manufacturer, which will be more durable and thus will serve you much longer. If you want to make sure that the product that you have paid for will meet your needs and expectations, always buy from trusted sources such as UNITRAILER!

We even sell our safety nets together with special, waterproof cases, so that you can store them on the trailer's transport surface. The packaging is very handy and takes up very little space.