Jockey wheels

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Jockey wheels can either be standard-sized or automatic and can be mounted onto virtually any car trailer. At our online store, you will find a wide range of robust jockey wheels from renowned manufacturers, such as WINTERHOFF, AL-KO or KNOTT. The diameters of the jockey wheels available at our store range between 48 mm and 60 mm.

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Trailer jockey wheels

Do you own a boat trailer or a semi-trailer and would like to equip your vehicle with additional accessories which allow to steer your trailer more comfortably or even take your trailer off your car hook in a more convenient fashion? Owning trailer accessories available at Unitrailer will make all of the above possible. The jockey wheels which you can find on our website are of the highest possible quality and always meet the standards required to use them on European roads. Since the jockey wheels available at Unitrailer have been made of robust materials, they ensure stability and make the transport of heavy loads incredibly easy. The height of the jockey wheels can be adjusted which means that you can adapt its parameters at any time so that the wheel suits your individual needs. The jockey wheels also come with mounting brackets which facilitate the assembly process. It is not a surprise that every trailer accessory is subject to the naturally occurring wear and tear of material over time. However, we guarantee that all products on our website have been produced with exceptional care and attention to detail, so make sure to check out our offers and get ready to get your hands on our top-range products!

Car trailer jockey wheels - what are they all about?

Are you perhaps asking yourself what the advantages of owning our trailer accessories are? Since we only sell top-range producers such as WINTERHOFF, you are sure of getting the best possible quality on the trailer market. We constantly widen our product range and it is exactly this reason which makes Unitrailer unique. Delivering trailer accessories resistant to the most adverse weather conditions is what it's all about! You will not only find jockey wheels with varying diameters, but also jockey wheels which can be mounted by means of clamp brackets or even automatic jockey wheels. Having said that, if you haven't found the right product or a jockey wheel which meets your expectations, you can call one of our consultants at any time, as they are always capable or tracking the right product for you. Check out our unique offer and find out for yourself what it means to be an owner of Unitrailer accessories!