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Additional trailer accessories such as trailer tarps, side extensions and mesh sides for all of our car trailer models - Garden Trailer 150, Garden Trailer 200Garden Trailer 201 and Garden Trailer 230 - can be found down below. Simply scroll down and take a look at our wide range of robust and reliable trailer accessories.

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Trailer accessories - high frames and covers

Trailer covers and frames are all excellent accessories, which enhance the entire structure of the trailer. Securing your goods while transporting them has never been so simple. Trailer frames come in various dimensions and are an excellent fit for all of our trailer models. In our online shop, you will most definitely be able to match the listed accessories accordingly to your daily needs. The trailer frames are 80 cm high. The above accessories are ideal for all UNITRAILER trailers. We also include our accessories in trailer sets. There, each item is at a reduced price, so make sure to check out our trailer offers, as you will often find that all trailer accessories are sold at much more favourable prices.

Trailer tarpaulins for UNITRAILER car trailers

Tarpaulins for trailers are made to measure in order to match the dimensions of the trailer frame and its transport surface. Their job is to protect the goods which are loaded on top of the trailer's transport surface from adverse weather conditions. The tarps are made of waterproof material, which makes it possible for any type of good to be transported safely, regardless of the weather outside. Tarpaulins are attached to the sides of the trailer by means of a special elastic cable applied to the cover hooks. They are always perfectly stretched, and removing them only takes a few seconds.

Side extensions for car trailers by UNITRAILER

Mesh sides or plain extensions are fantastic in making sure that your large or awkwardly-shaped goodies will not fall out of the trailer when driving at speed. Additional trailer sides increase the transport area of the trailer, allowing more goods to be loaded. Side extensions are nothing other than an additional set of 4 side walls made of stainless steel. They are identical to those used as standard sides in our trailer. Mesh sides are designed differently, however they allow for improved transport conditions of things such as leaves or branches. A trailer tarpaulin can also be attached to each extension, creating a complete set and significantly increasing the dimensions of the trailer.