Single-axle trailers

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Single-axle trailers with a maximum GVW value of 750 kg are ideal for transporting goods such as gardening equipment, building site materials and machinery.

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Single-axle trailers by UNITRAILER

Single-axle trailers are an ideal solution for those who wish to transport a larger amount of goods all at the same time. With a load capacity of over 600 kg (maximum GVW value of 750 kg), you will be comfortably able to carry your preferred items on our trailers with the following surface area dimensions: 150x160 cm, 200x106 cm, 200x125 cm or 230x125 cm. Single-axle trailers are equipped with axles from renowned axle manufacturers such as AL-KO or KNOTT. By applying only one axle to a trailer, you get the best possible price for such a high-quality good. Your trailer will not bounce up and down on uneven roads thanks to the high quality of elements applied to the entire structure. UNITRAILER single-axle trailers are the best possible solution on the European trailer market so get your hands on our fantastic product today!

Tipping single-axle trailers

Single-axle trailers with foldable, tipping structures enable the quick loading and unloading of your goods. The foldable drawbar makes it very easy to tilt the trailer's surface area forwards and backwards. You can easily remove the tail gate, meaning that you will face no problems when transporting sand, gravel and other construction site materials. Apart from its various advantages when working with heavy items, the trailer's tipping mechanism making it very easy for its owner to store vertically it in tight spaces. Simply fold the drawbar inside and place the trailer on its tail gate. All you need is a bit of room for the trailer and an area which is at least 2 metres high. This makes our trailer one of the best, if not the best on the market. No other single-axle trailer can boast such a complex mechanism for such an affordable price.

Foldable single-axle trailers

Our single-axle trailers are manufactured with the aid of high-quality components of renowned brands. The design of our trailers is tested multiple times to make sure that they withstand even the most adverse of all weather conditions and heavy usage. An additional support beam under the transport surface distinguishes our trailers from other trailers on the market by increasing the rigidity and robustness. Anti-corrosion protection in the form of galvanised metal elements makes the trailers resistant to poor weather conditions. Single-axle trailers also generate low operating costs. Any repairs or replacements of worn parts of a single-axle trailer are much lower than those of double axle trailers. Remember - if you have any questions or would like to order our high-quality trailers at a discounted price, make sure to give us a call. Our qualified staff members will be more than happy to assist you in your purchase.
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