Unbraked torsion axles

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Unbraked axles with rubber torsion bars are probably the most common of all axle types. With such axles, you can tow any trailer with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 750 kg. Once it exceeds this amount, you are legally required to own a trailer with a braked axle fitted inside it. Unbraked axles however, are a common solution in virtually all car trailers sold around Europe. Down below, you will find our newest offer of unbraked axles of leading manufacturers on the trailer and axle market such as AL-KO or KNOTT. AL-KO unbraked axles or KNOTT unbraked axles are the way to go these days. No other manufacturer offers such a wide range of axles, hence why here, at UNITRAILER, we closely cooperate with AL-KO and KNOTT to give you the best possible range of products at low prices. If you're having difficulties finding the right size, please contact us - we are able to deliver virtually all axles upon your request.