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Latches for trailer sides and trailer latches (also known as tailgate connectors) can be sold either as a set, i.e. with connectors, or separately. The latches available at are extremely robust and highly resistant to corrosion, which means that they will serve you well for a long time to come. Below, you will find a wide range of trailer latches by WINTERHOFF. The selection process can be a bit of a headache for those who are not familiar with the necessary parameters needed to assess whether a latch will be the right for a specific trailer type. You should therefore never hesitate to contact one of our consultants, who will be more than happy to answer any queries which you may have in relation to the trailer accessories in question.

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Tailgate connectors & trailer latches

Steel trailer latches and tailgate or trailer side connectors are a very common accessory in all kinds of trailers towed on European roads. They are usually very simple in their structure and, most importantly, are extremely robust. They are most commonly sold in sets. Depending on the type of latching needed, they can either be small and come at very affordable prices, or they can be much bigger to withstand greater pressures and come at slightly higher prices, which are nevertheless still very reasonable.

Connectors for trailer sides

Connectors and latches for trailer sides all serve one common purpose - they block the sides and prevent them from opening. If you are unsure which trailer latch will best suit your trailer type, simply contact us and our consultants will do their best to find the right fit. Happy shopping!