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How to order goods at UNITRAILER

How to order goods at UNITRAILER

When you decide to purchase a trailer accessory from us, the order process looks is very straight-forward. Just add the desired product to the shopping cart and enter the requested delivery information.

However, when ordering a trailer, it's a different kettle of fish altogether! Please read the following guide carefully:

Consider adding trailer accessories to your order when purchasing a trailer. Here, you will find recommended accessories for car trailers. Many customers have often chosen not to add accessories to the shopping cart when purchasing a trailer from UNITRAILER - which is often a costly mistake! If you decide later on (after having already purchased a trailer from us) that you need a trailer accessory, you will have to, as a result, pay twice for shipping - the first time round for the shipment of the trailer and the second time round for the accessories. Simply add all the accessories to your first order and avoid paying twice! 

If you would like to order lashings straps, lashing rings and other accessories which can be mounted, fixed or attached to the trailer, please note that we cannot install such accessories for you! You must do this yourself after you receive the goods.

IMPORTANT: The shipping cost of a trailer varies from county to county. If you decide to buy additional accessories together with the trailer, the transport costs will not be affected! No matter how many accessories you buy when ordering our trailer, you still pay a fixed price ascribed to your county. Simply add all the products together with the trailer to the basket, and the shipping costs will appear in the bottom right-hand corner.

Receiving our goods - what do you have to consider when receiving your order?

Once you have created the order online, you will receive a tracking number for your order. You can track your order at any time with this number. The delivering company will contact you before arriving. Upon arrival, it is very important that you check the state of the trailer.

All trailers are delivered together with all necessary documents!

The delivering person normally uses a forklift to bring the pallet down onto the ground. If you notice that the trailer sustained some damages during transport, you have two options:

1) if the delivery man is present when you spot the damages, please ask him to draw up a protocol in which all the damages are noted. Contact us immediately by phone or e-mail (if the delivery was made after our working hours). Our complaints department will guide you through the whole process.

IMPORTANT: please bear in mind that you also have the right to refuse acceptance of a damaged good upon its delivery.

2) if the delivery man has already left, and you notice the damages after his departure, don't worry! You have 24 hours to report the damages to the delivering company and to us. Contact us at any time by phone or e-mail to report the damage.

If the trailer has not sustained any damages, you are good to go! Remember, damages sustained during the delivery process are very rare. We depend on the professionalism of our delivering companies that all trailers and trailer accessories arrive on time and hassle-free. It is important that you take all of the above into consideration.