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At Unitrailer, we offer all kinds of connectors and trailer adapters by renowned brands such as Aspöck, who is the market leader when it comes to lighting systems and all trailer-related light accessories. Down below, you will find many bayonet mounts and bayonet connectors with either 5 or 8 pins for trailer rear light systems. Each set is equipped with a connector, a gasket, pins and nuts. If you are not sure whether the trailer adapter in your basket will be the right fit for your trailer, simply contact us and we will be able to answer all trailer-related queries in no time!

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Trailer adapters, trailer connectors, bayonet mounts and bayonet connectors for all trailer-related needs

Bayonet mounts and bayonet connectors with 5 or 8 pins are universal, which means that they will be a perfect fit for all Fristom lights and lamps. Perhaps the biggest advantage of owning trailer lighting systems with bayonet connectors is that the wires do not need to be brazed - all you need to do is pin the adapter into the electrical appliance. To put it all into simpler terms, bayonets are female ports or sockets with a large diameter. When the trailer lamp or light is broken, you only need to disassemble the adapter and assemble it back into a new trailer light or lamp. There is an increasing amount of trailer users who find that this solution is much more convenient, and who, as a result, switch from old adapters to the products which can be found on our website. They are not only much cheaper but also last for much longer, thereby making them durable and affordable at the same time! The bayonet connectors are not only safe in use, but also very robust and extremely stable. When buying our products, you are not only guaranteed a rapid delivery process, but also a high-quality customer service.