Rear lights

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Rear trailer lights available at can be either bought individually or in a set, thereby saving you plenty of money. The most common rear trailer lights are made by such manufacturers as ASPÖCK, DOBPLAST or FRISTOM. At our online, you will also find a wide range of MULTIPOINT lamps - delivered fast and straight to your door.

Lampy tylne zespolone do przyczep

Rear trailer light

Standard rear trailer lights are equipped with position lights, brake lights, fog lights, registration plate lights and indicators. When buying rear trailer lamps, pleased be mindful of the fact that they are not universal in nature and can only fit their designated trailer side. For example, if you would like to buy a rear trailer light for the right-hand side of the trailer, please read the product description, where you will find all the specifications and most importantly, whether the lamp is for the left or indeed the right side.

LED rear lights

LED rear lightsas their name already suggests, are made by means of the LED technology, which enhances the effectiveness and energy-efficiency of the lights on the road. Modern LED diodes used in rear trailer lamps can last tens of thousands of hours without showing any sings of overuse. LED technology also boast a more modern, slim design. You will also avoid any signs of overheating, as all LED lamps far exceed standard bulbs on this matter.

Trailer LED lights

Trailer LED lights do not need to be equipped with a reverse light function if they are going to be attached onto light-duty trailers with a maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 750 kg. For this reason alone, such lights are available at very affordable prices. Even if the trailer light does not dispose of a reverse light, manufacturers usually leave space inside the light for those who wish to equip the lamp with the reverse light function.