Leaf spring trailers

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Leaf spring trailers with a maximum gross vehicle weight of up to 750 kg. Such trailers have been equipped with additional leaf springs, which enhance the comfort of use as well as the driving parameters of our trailers. The trailer models found below will prove ideal for any type of cargo. If you intend to use our leaf springs trailers for gardening or for construction side purposes, they will never let you down. The robust leaf springs visible down below will not only give you greater support during long drives but will improve the trailer's traction when the loading surface area is empty. Quick shipment methods available from now on!

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Car trailers with leaf spring suspensions

Leaf spring trailers by UNITRAILER boast excellent driving characteristics. The springs and the shock absorbers used are suitable for both empty and heavy-load trailers, ensuring a comfortable bump-free ride. The service life of each spring is considerably higher than the service life of a standard torsion axle. Many people who intend to use their trailers on an everyday basis prefer trailers with leaf springs for this exact reason.

Trailers with leaf springs

Trailers with leaf springs available in our online store also come with tiltable drawbars. With this feature, you can lift the transport surface of your trailer, thereby making it much easier to unload or load loose materials, lawnmowers or other equipment carried on the transport surface. Our leaf spring trailers are fully galvanised and made of very robust steel. We are sure of the highest quality of our products, which is why we give them a 2-year warranty. Trailers with leaf springs by UNITRAILER can be additionally equipped according to your needs, i.e. with mesh sides, tarpaulins, racks of different heights and other accessories such as floor lashing hooks and straps, anti-theft devices and many other elements that will make your trailer even more functional. If you have any questions pertaining to our leaf spring trailers or simply wish to place an order, please contact one of our consultants.