Coupling head for a square tube drawbar

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Trailer coupling heads – highest quality products at very affordable prices
Do you own a trailer and are looking for practical trailer accessories with the aid of which you will be able to transport your goods from A to B in a much more convenient fashion? Simply browse through our wares and take a look at our offers for trailer coupling heads, which will meet all your coupling requirements. Due to their very specific function in the trailer's structure and set-up, coupling heads must be made of robust materials capable of withstanding the toughest towing conditions. Not only do the products available at meet all the necessary criteria, but they also come from the best producers on the trailer market such as KNOTT, Winterhoff, Steelpress and AL-KO - all of which adhere to the newest safety regulations. Our products are therefore robust, solid and also come at very affordable prices, so don't hesitate to find something for yourself and your trailer.

The coupling heads for square drawbars such as WINTERHOFF WW-8 which you can find down below are the right fit for the majority of coupling units and drawbars. However, if your trailer necessitates a unique coupling head which does not match the regular coupling heads and their dimensions on the market, simply call one of our consultants and we, at UNITRAILER, will do everything to find and deliver the right coupling head for you. UNITRAILER always strives to sell the most modern and up-to-date products, including the newest coupling heads for trailers, which match the newest trailer trends. The vast majority of products in this section are also made up of a wear indicator and a coupling correctness indicator, which substantially facilitates the use of this device. Buckle up tight and get ready for extraordinary prices and fantastic deals for our brand new coupling units at!