End-outline marker lights

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Side marker lights come in two different versions - standard or LED. They are an ideal light accessory for trailers, semi-trailers and tow trucks. Side-marker lights are either white and red or white and orange. The most common side market lamps are made by such manufacturers like FRISTOM, ASPÖCK, HORPOL or UNITRAILER. Guarantee of quick, hassle-free assembly and a rapid delivery straight to your door.

Lampy obrysowe obrysówki LED

Side marker lights for trailers

Side marker lights for car trailers must be used and assembled in accordance with the European regulations pertaining to towing vehicles, which can be found under the set of laws ECE 48. Side marker lamps are used mainly for the benefit of other road users, who are able to see the outer dimensions of the trailer more visibly with the aid of the light emitted by the side marker lamp, thereby enhancing the safety levels. At our online store, you will find all kinds of side marker lights which meets the strictest of requirements.

LED side marker lights

LED side marker lights are much more efficient and much more durable, meaning that you will be able to benefit from its light-emitting diodes for tens of thousands of hours without any signs of wear and tear. Solid side marker lights make it possible for the trailer's sides to be seen even in the most adverse weather conditions. Thanks to side marker lamps, your manoeuvres are going to be much smoother and much more precise. Depending on the type of trailer you own, the side marker lights are going to be either mounted directly onto the trailer's sides or mounted by means of an elastic adhesive made of rubber.

Trailer marker lights

The lighting accessories are very often subject to regular controls by road inspectors. It is for this reason that side marker lights are a great asset to own, as they enhance the safety levels of all trailers, semi-trailer and tow trucks - due to the size of such vehicles, it is wise to own a side marker light to let other road users know about the approaching trailer. Very often, an side marker lights is the key to successful manoeuvring in tight spaces. Do not hesitate to let one of our consultants know about your interest in our accessories and contact us at any time if you have further questions or queries pertaining to products at