Trailer rims

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Robust rims for car trailers available at come in various sizes. The steel rims which you can find below are great for all kinds of trailers and can be sent directly to your address in a matter of days! Check out our offers and don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions in relation to our products.

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Rims for car trailers - why are car trailer rims so important?

Trailer rims, such as the 13-inch reinforced trailer rim, must be robust and durable. Otherwise, they would simply fail to serve their purpose. Since the rims on offer are made of tough steel, they will never be fazed by damages which would normally occur when coming into contact with curbs or other road components. Driving with an unloaded trailer poses no threat to the trailer rims, though the situation changes if your car trailer is loaded to its maximum capacity. It is at that moment when the trailer rim plays an essential role, as it must bear the pressure exerted by the hundreds of kilograms of load.

Semi-trailer rims

It must also be noted that semi-trailer rims must be chosen in accordance with two values - the semi-trailer's gross vehicle weight and the right mounting bolt hole spacing set by the trailer's axle. It does not matter whether you own a modern semi-trailer or one of the older types - semi-trailer rims must always adhere to the two values mentioned above. At the moment, the most common type of rims for semi-trailers are 10" rims. However, for old-type semi-trailers, you will more than likely need 13" or even 14" rims, which we recommend you buy here, without having to leave your home.