Trailer tyres

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All-season tyres for car trailers, semi-trailers and camper vans with fantastic, robust tyre qualities. Switch from your old trailer tyres to new, all-season tyres and stop worrying about your wheels once and for all!

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All-season trailer tyres – standard solution for most car trailers

The vast majority of car trailers, semi-trailers, tow trucks and camper vans are equipped with all-season car tyres. This is a stark contrast to regular car tyres, which can be categorised into summer and winter tyres. Because no such classification is needed for trailer tyres, you will not have to worry about replacing them twice a year when the right season comes. The longer a tyre is used, the quicker it falls victim of natural wear and tear. It is exactly for this reason that you should perform regular check-ups and make sure that you are always equipped with fresh tyres.

Car trailer tyres - how does one go about choosing the right ones?

When choosing the right trailer tyre, you need to check a few parameters and dimensions before clicking the "buy button". Choosing the wrong tyre size means that it simply will not fit onto the trailer's rim. Start by checking your rim size. Amongst the most popular sizes are 10", 13" and 14" rims. Next, the width and the height of the tyre need to be selected accordingly. The last piece of information which you need to worry about is the desired load-capacity index. This is adjusted to the trailer's gross vehicle weight value, so that the tyre can bear the pressure of the load on the transport surface.

Regular and reinforced tyres - what are the main points of difference?

Regular car trailer tyres are used predominantly in light-duty car trailers, because the tyre parameters do not allow for anything more. However, if your trailer's GVW exceeds 750 kg, you will need to equip it with reinforced tyres marked with the letter "C" at the end of the model's name. They are, as their name already suggests, much more robust and are able to withstand pressure values far exceeding those in regular trailer tyres for trailers with a maximum GVW of 750 kg.