Trailer wheels

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Car trailer wheels, wheels for tow trucks, semi-trailers and caravans - you will find them all here, at! All-season trailer wheels with varying dimensions, resistance levels and other parameters. Find your perfect trailer wheel amongst hundreds of quality products and enjoy the wide range of possibilities which our trailers offer!

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Trailer wheels

There are many differences which need to be pointed out between regular car wheels and wheels applied in car trailers, semi-trailers, tow trucks, camper vans and even boat trailers. Depending on the type of trailer that you own, the wheels need to be adapted according to the robustness levels required in order to attain correct functioning. The most common car trailers are usually equipped with wheel type 155/70 R13. Such wheels are composed of all-season tyres, which will be an ideal match for all trailers with a maximum gross vehicle weight limit of 750 kg. You will quickly notice improved driveability and a greater comfort of use made possible by the high tyre tread, which reduces the impact of the trailer on the surface, thereby decreasing the amount of times the trailer bounces up and down when not carrying any load.

Reinforced wheels for trailers

Reinforced wheels are mainly used in heavy-duty trailers. Such wheels must bear the pressure exerted by the load in all trailers with a maximum GVW of 3.5 tonnes and are therefore much more robust than regular car trailer wheels. For semi-trailers and trailers used on construction sites, it is important to apply such wheels since they guarantee improved driveability and traction on the road. At our online store, you will find all kinds of trailer wheels - from 165 R13C, 185 R14C, 195/50 R13C to 195/55 R10C. All reinforced wheels are marked with a "C". If you therefore come across a wheel model ending with the letter "C", you are informed in such a way of its extra robust structure. 

It is vitally important to match trailer wheels to your trailer type the right way!

Selecting trailer wheels in almost an identical process to selecting car wheels. First and foremost, it is the size of the tyre than matters most, so double check the recommended tyre size for the trailer model that you own. Next, it is equally significant to check the mounting hole spacing, so that the spacing matches the axle type. The load-capacity index is a particularly important parameter, which also needs to be taken into consideration. This parameter is there to tell you whether or not your trailer wheels will be able to bear the pressure exerted by the load. It is also worth checking the speed index and the tyre noise rating, though the latter mostly does not make nay difference for drivers who tow trailers with the aid of their cars. Pay particular attention to the tread depth, the rubber's state and the rim. All-season trailer wheels are susceptible to damage due to the large loads which they must bear, so do not forget to check their condition every once in a while. This way, you will not only protect yourself from needless accidents, but also other road users.