Trailer Winches

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High-quality, robust, corrosion-resistant winches for cars, quads and other vehicles. Thanks to winches, you will be easily able to pull in heavy items onto your trailer. We offer both belt winches and rope winches by AL-KO or KNOTT.

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Hand winches

Hand winches are extremely useful when it comes to pulling in vehicles onto a trailer. They are usually used in situations, in which vehicles are not capable of driving onto a trailer or semi-trailer. Hand winches are undeservedly underappreciated, as they always prove to be a great asset when your car's engine is not working and you need to transport your malfunctioning car with the aid of a trailer. Hand winches are very easy to use even when you want to pull in the likes of boats or other similar large watercrafts onto a boat trailer. Not all winches are the same however, as each boasts a different maximum vertical towing capacity expressed in kilograms. Here, at Unitrailer, we also offer various winches with protective casings to protect the internal mechanism against adverse weather conditions.

Rope winches

Rope winches are probably the most common of all winch types, as they make use of steel cords which guarantee high durability and allow for very heavy items or vehicles to be pulled in without any hassle. At our online store, you will find plenty of rope winches which are either already equipped with a steel cable or winches to which you will need to additionally purchase a separate steel cord. When opting for the latter, you will need to make sure that the cord suits the winch drum size. It is also very important that the hook at the end of the cord is adequately durable and resistant. Renowned winch producers such as AL-KO or KNOTT are therefore the right solution for those who are looking for a hassle-free towing process.

Belt winches

Belt winches are ideal for pulling in much lighter vehicles and machinery such as motorbikes, quads, boats or gokarts. However, the polyester belt which fills up the whole interior of the winch is a much more convenient solution than the rope winch, as the belt winch does not require the winch user to change the pulling force while the belt is in use. Belt winches can offer the same pulling force as rope winches. Since they are not made of metal, belt winches never suffer from corrosion. Thanks to a special structure, belt winches are also highly resistant to signs of natural wear and tear when used intensively.