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Car trailers with a maximum GVW of 750 kg by UNITRAILER. Delivered to all parts of Ireland. Our revolutionary car trailers are extremely robust and are simply ideal for private users. Our trailers are available in various different forms: with additional trailer frames, with trailer tarps and covers, with side extensions or even with mesh sides. Such models are a great asset to have when travelling - all you need is a category B driving licence. Order online or talk to one of our consultants now! Find out more about Road Safety Authority regulations, frequently asked questions and all necessary information on drawing a trailer here.

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750kg trailer - ideal for all your travelling needs

750kg trailers, or in other words, trailers with a maximum permissible gross vehicle weight of 750 kg, are the best possible solution for all your transport needs. Trailers significantly improve your ability to carry a greater amount of goods with the aid of your car. For a very affordable price, you can get your hands on a stylish 750kg trailer, which will easily transport all kinds of cargo such as wood, construction site materials and many more. If you're looking to buy a car trailer, you probably already know what purpose it will serve. Whoever came across a situation in which the inside of a regular car (that is - including the boot!) was not enough to transport a large good, knows that trailers are simply the right way to go!

Car trailers, simply put, give you a greater sense of independence and an enhanced comfort on the road. When you place our trailer on its rear side by the side of your home or even in a garage, you save yourself plenty of storage space. And that is what Unitrailer trailers are all about - comfort of use above anything else. Upon your first purchase of our car trailer, you are sure of receiving the finest of travelling accessories, with the aid of which you will be able to carry all kinds of equipment, gardening items or luggage for longer travels. After using it for the first time, you will start to ask yourself why you haven't bought the trailer earlier.

Light-duty trailer - for commercial and family use

Light-duty trailers can be driven with a category B driving licence. The vast majority of cars are capable of reaching the trailer's full load capacity, thereby offering more than 500 kg of goods which can be town with the aid of your vehicle. Such a load capacity meets the requirements of all those, who are in search of a robust trailer. In order to legally tow the trailer, the GVW value needs to be adapted to your own car. It is for this reason that Unitrailer offers you the chance to have all documentation sorted for you in advance, as we are responsible for adapting the trailer's GVW value to the towing abilities of your car, which is a service executed entirely for free.

Light-duty trailers do not need to go through annual check-ups. After registering your trailer, you can use it freely. All that needs to be done is to insure it. This, however, is done in a matter of minutes with any decent car insurance company.

UNITRAILER car trailers - robustness and reliability

Car trailers made by UNITRAILER have been designed in accordance with the highest European standards. With the case of each of our trailers, it is always possible to equip them with additional accessories to increase the comfort of use even more. Matching the trailers to your individual needs is what it's all about. Jockey wheels, spare wheelsflat tarps or trailer frames with high tarpaulin are usually the most sought after products when it comes to accessories.

UNITRAILER car trailers have an openable rear side and an additional support beam underneath the chassis, which stabilises the whole structure to a whole new level. You will be able to make the most of your new trailer for many years to come. We use the most modern solutions which are currently available on the market, i.e. torsion axles guaranteeing the best driving conditions possible. Plastic mudguards and the galvanisation process applied on all steel parts protect the trailers from any corrosion. We are sure that our trailer will meet the strictest of quality standards and it is for this exact reason that we give the trailers a 2-year warranty. 

Trailers are shipped directly from our warehouse to any address in Ireland. Trailers come with all necessary documentation. Right after the receipt of payment, we start preparing the trailers just like you want them to look. If you have any doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, as our consultants are always more than happy to answer any questions pertaining to our products. We will always be more than happy to help you choose a trailer that best matches your needs!
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