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Wiring harnesses for car trailers come either with a 13-PIN or a 7-PIN connector. At, you will find all necessary electrical installations for all your trailer needs. Simply browse through our electrical accessories and choose the right for your trailer. Renowned wiring harness manufacturers only!

wiązki elektryczne do przyczepy

Light-duty trailer wiring harnesses

Wiring harnesses for light-duty car trailers allow the towing vehicle to stay connected to the rear/tail lights of your trailer. They are not equipped with connectors to side-marker lights by default, which would otherwise mean that they could be used in heavy-duty trailers also. In light-duty trailers, all you need in order to mark the sides is a reflective tape, hence why such wiring harnesses will prove to be an ideal accessory. All electrical wirings sold at have a specific length, which means that they are not universal in size and must be chosen carefully, depending on the trailer's transport surface dimensions. It is therefore very important that you check the necessary dimensions before making a purchase or that you consult the purchase with our sales department.

Wiring harness for trailers

Wiring harnesses for trailers can be as long as 8 metres and can have as much as 13 pins in their connector (for trailers with a GVW of 750 kg or more). The wiring harnesses sold at are extremely robust and resistant to adverse weather conditions. If you want to make sure that your trips will not be held up by pointless breakdowns caused by malfunctioning electrical installations, then you should definitely invest in the accessories of most renowned producers, which can be found all over our website. Happy browsing!