Coupling head for a round tube drawbar

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Coupling heads for pipe-shaped drawbars are mostly used in unbraked trailers or in coupling units of braked trailers. Such coupling heads are mostly manufactured by AL-KO, KNOTT or WINTERHOFF. Take a look down below at our large selection of robust coupling heads for pipe-shaped drawbars with varying sizes and parameters.

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Trailer coupling heads for pipe-shaped drawbars at very affordable prices

Trailer coupling heads for pipe-shaped drawbars, as their name already suggests to us, are assembled onto drawbars with a round structure or indeed onto coupling units with the same shape. Coupling heads like AL-KO AK 161 are used to connect the trailer onto the coupling ball of the towing vehicle. In such a way, the trailer user can be sure that the connection is safe and is able to withstand the pressure exerted on the braking mechanism when the towing vehicle is braking. It is for this reason that the trailer coupling head must be chosen in accordance with the trailer's maximum permissible GVW value.

Unbraked couplings 

Unbraked couplings like the classic trailer coupling hitch 750 C are equipped with a wear indicator as well as a coupling correctness indicator. The safety and the comfort of your trips largely depends on the manner in which the coupling head has been attached to the braking structure of the trailer. It is for this reason that you should make sure that everything has been assembled correctly and that the coupling head actually matched the drawbar type. Some coupling models are even equipped with a bracket for electrical installations. Take a look at our offers and make sure to protect