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Connectors for trailer side walls/gates found below have all been made of robust materials which have been additionally galvanised for additional protection. They boast various dimensions so that you can suit your needs accordingly. Scroll down to take a look at our fantastic range of connectors by world-renowned companies such as STEELPRESS and WINTERHOFF. Equipping your trailer with connectors by either of the two manufacturers is a guarantee of security of the highest order.

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Tailgate connectors

Tailgate/side fasteners, otherwise known as tailgate connectors, allow you to secure the side fastening in car trailers. They must be very durable due to the different forces that occur during the transport process. Their quality plays a huge role in keeping the safety of the transported items, which can cause the sides to open if the metal elements aren't robust enough.

Trailer fasteners

The trailer fasteners available in our store are the most common elements on the market, which can be applied to virtually all kinds of trailers. They have all been additionally coated and galvanised to make sure that they sustain no rust marks in adverse weather conditions. They have been made of the highest quality of steel. Please scroll up to take a look at our offer. If you're having difficulties choosing the right fit, our consultants are here for you to assist you.