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Trailer propstands are most often used to support the drawbar or even to support to entire structure of a car trailer when loading the transport surface. Propstands at come in various different sizes and dimensions and can even be bought in a set with clamp brackets.

Car trailer prop stands

Car trailer prop stands facilitate the use of a trailer, as they help to keep the trailer upright by supporting its frontal parts when the trailer is not coupled onto a towing hook or other coupling device. Propstands are usually most useful when the trailer is parked or when it needs to be unloaded. Thanks to accessories such as a car trailer propstand, your goods will not needlessly move around the trailer's transport surface when the trailer is disconnected from a towing hook.
The majority of trailers already of ready-made mounting holes for the assembly of prop stands. For the complete assembly of a prop stand, you will require  a clamp bracket, which will help you to raise the prop stand and keep it on your trailer without having to disassemble it when you're driving. At our online store, you will find all kinds of prop stands with or without clamp brackets.

Trailer support stands

Trailer support stands can also be used to support the trailer when loading your goods onto the transport surface. On many occasions, prop stands are used jointly with wheel chocks to guarantee full stability of the trailer. The transport surface of UNITRAILER trailers is made of an anti-slip material, which stops the load from moving around. However, when the trailer is parked and not moving, there is no guarantee that your goods will not roll around the transport surface, because you will have to detach the trailer, thereby lowering the surface and bringing it to an awkward angle. With the trailer support stand, all of this can be avoided.

Car trailer support stands

Car trailer support stands are therefore extremely useful. If your trailer is not equipped with additional accessories, you should consider taking a quick look at our offer, where we have a very wide range of robust, steel, high-quality goods which will prove their worth even in the most adverse weather conditions.