Single mudguards

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Single trailer mudguards for single axle trailers are made of robust plastic or metal. The most common trailer mudguard producers are AL-KO, Domar, KNOTT or UNITRAILER. Here, are, you will not only find the best products on the trailer market, but also products at very affordable prices.

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Single mudguards for car trailers 

Single mudguards for car trailers are used in trailers with one axle only. The majority of trailer accessories applied in trailers of producers such as TEMARED, martz, BORO or UNITRAILER make use of mudguards made of PVC plastic or galvanised steel. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages and of course, both boast a different design, but all in all, PVC and metal mudguards have the same function and can be assembled interchangeably. It is therefore up to you whether you opt for plastic mudguards or metal mudguards.

Domar mudguards

Domar mudguards are available in many sizes. 15" and 16" inch mudguards make it possible for such mudguards to be assembled not only onto trailers, but also other large commercial or indeed agricultural vehicles. Domar mudguards are made of PVC and have a flat top, which means that you can physically stand on them if you need to reach for something.