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Webbing slings/lifting slings/webbing lifting name it! Whatever you may call them, they are all used to perform one task, and that is to secure your load. Down below, you will find various lengths, tonnage limits and widths. Each product conforms to the European norm EN1492-1: 2000 and is sold with all necessary product certificats and approvals. 

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Webbing slings

Webbing slings are used for the transport of various materials that require such belt-like accessories for the lifting process e.g. pallets, heavy pipes or other awkwardly-shaped objects. Their advantage lies in their ability to withstand heavy items without having to attach onto them with a hook or other lifting device. They are therefore used in shipment, at construction sites and warehouses. Belt slings have a maximum tonnage limit of up to several tons and a maximum length of several meters. When moving different goods about, several slings are usually used at the same time, which allows stable and controlled manoeuvring.

Polyester slings

Polyester slings offered by UNITRAILER are supplied with all necessary certificates and approvals. The 7:1 safety factor confirms their highest quality and durability. They are ideal for delicate goods that will not be damaged by the smoothness of the polyester sling. Both ends are looped which facilitates the lifting process. Belt slings are easy to distinguish by the purple, yellow or green colour, which determines their parameters and allows you to choose the right sling for your needs.