Axles and suspension components

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Braked and unbraked trailer axles and shock absorbers by AL-KO and KNOTT come in many dimensions and various different spacings between mounting bolts. Torsion axles sold by Unitrailer are equipped with all necessary brake cables, mounting brackets, brake shoes and shock absorbers. Simply check out our offers for trailer axles and trailer shock absorbers and enjoy your new equipment straight away!

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AL-KO and KNOTT trailer axles

Trailer axles are one of the most important trailer parts, as it is the axle that stabilises the whole structure, guarantees a heightened driving comfort and sets the final GVW value. Over the past few years, AL-KO and KNOTT have been the leaders on the trailer axle market, as they introduced modern solutions which completely revolutionised the world of trailers by replacing axles resting on springs with more modern solutions. The trailer axles produced nowadays mainly rest on torsion axles. An example of such a product is the trailer axle model VG7 with a maximum permissible GVW of 750 kg. Trailer axles come in two versions - either braked axles or unbraked axles. Since axles drastically improve the driveability of your trailer and even out any potential road and track irregularities, they will prove to be a perfect asset for any potential future trip. If you found the perfect model, simply contact one of our consultants by calling or messaging us directly. We will take every necessary step to ensure that the axle arrive at your door in sound condition.

Bowden cables & brake cables by AL-KO

Trailer brake cables produced by AL-KO are an ideal solution for all braked trailers. It is for this exact reason that Unitrailer offers a large range of brake cables, which is why finding the right model will take you a few seconds at a push. Owning the wrong trailer brake cable model or not owning one at all puts you at a high risk, so make sure to contact one of our consultants, who will gladly help you choose the right fit for your car trailer. The brake cables on offer are made of robust material resistant to adverse weather conditions and dust or even sand. Make sure to take care of not only your safety but also of other road users around you. Although Bowden cables are very robust, they are not resistant to natural wear and tear after long use, so make sure to replace this part as often as it is needed.

Trailer axle shock absorbers

Trailer axle shock absorbers by AL-KO and KNOTT help to dampen all road and track irregularities. If you are looking for the highest driving comfort possible, then resting the trailer suspension on a trailer axle with a shock absorber is the best solution on the market. Shock absorbers need to be adapted to the trailer's GVW. Producers mostly mark different shock absorber load capacities with different colours. For this reason, we recommend checking which shock absorber best suits the traler axle that you own before making a purchase in order to avoid unnecessary returns.