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Ratchet straps

Cargo straps with ratchet lashing enable the safe transportation of your goods. They can be used on virtually any car trailer or tow truck. As sole manufacturers of the cargo straps, we guarantee the highest possible quality of our products which are certified by highest European road safety authorities such as GV TUV. The cargo straps available in our store can be used during all kinds of trips all over Europe as they conform to the product approval number EN 12195-2. Here, you will find a wide range of safety straps ranging from 3 to 10 metres with a resistance from 1 up to 5 tons. Securing the load has never been easier! With the additional ratchet lashing, you will not only be able to hook it onto any floor lashing, but you will make sure that your load stays intact.

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Ratchet straps by UNITRAILER

In our store, you will find all sorts of ratchet straps which conform to the European transport regulations. It is always worth owning a set of transport straps, as they may come in handy unexpectedly. It does not matter whether your cargo straps are exposed to heavy loads, to rain, snow or very intense sun - they will handle your tasks even in the most adverse conditions. Transport belts simply must be in good condition at all times, otherwise you risk damage not only to your trailer but to other vehicles around you. Such belts can be found in our store. The price of each strap belts is very attractive, because we are their direct manufacturer. In order to save even more, it is worth ordering a whole set straight away!

Transport straps - enhance your safety on the road

The parameters of transport straps should be selected according to the type of load transported. You need to take three things into consideration - the length, the width and the maximum resistance expressed in tons. The length of each belt ought to be enough to wrap around the entirety of the load and to strap the belts onto floor or wall lashings, i.e. the parts onto which the transport straps are going to be hooked. The width of the strap is closely connected to the length. The wider the strap, the more robust and resistant they are. The resistance of the belt itself is expressed in two separate parameters: assembly break strength and webbing break strength. It is very important to make sure that the parameters in question match the weight of the load to be transported.

Lashing straps with lashing hooks

In addition to the transport belt itself, the tensioner is also crucial. Transport belts are usually sold together with tensioners, which is probably the most convenient of all solution on the market. Tensioners for transport belts must be durable and easy to use. At UNITRAILER, you will find transport belts with robust tensioners, making the transport of your goods as easy as one, two, three.