Mountings and holders for trailers

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At Unitrailer, you can find various hinges and connectors which highly increase the comfort of use of your trailer. Such hinges, connectors and other small trailer elements are trailer parts which are made of high quality materials like galvanised steel. All of our hinges and connectors are therefore highly resistant to corrosion. If you haven't found the right product, please contact us by mail or by phone. We are able to obtain every trailer accessory on the market for very reasonable prices, so don't hesitate to let us know anytime, as our consultants are always more than happy to assist you. 

Are you often worried that your trailer cover will detach itself from the trailer sides or that driving at high speed will cause other inconveniences during your trips? In that case, Unitrailer has got all the right accessories for you. boasts a large range of goods such as trailer hinges or tailgate connectors - robust elements made of high quality materials, which will prove their worth even in the most adverse of all weather conditions. No matter what trailer accessories you will choose, they will all help you to get from A to B in a a more convenient fashion.

Are you perhaps interested in something other than trailer accessories for trailer covers and tarps? Simply check out other categories on our website to browse through our wares to find out more about other products. We guarantee that small trailer parts available in our store will meet your highest expectations. Since all trailer parts have to go through regular tests, our products meet all safery requirements and European standards. Invest in trailer accessories today! Remember to order all items according to the dimensions of your trailer. Buying trailer elements which do not fit specific trailer models is a very common problem, so make sure to double-check before making a purchase.