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Trailers with high frames either come with a 40 or 80 cm high waterproof tarpaulin. Thanks to the very practical nature of this product, our trailers with high frames are extremely popular amongst car trailer user all over Europe. All trailers have an openable tail gate, which also boasts an openable rear tarp section. We deliver our products to all parts of Ireland. Take a closer look at our offer down below and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions pertaining to our fantastic trailers with high frames.

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UNITRAILER trailers with high covers - plenty of options to choose from

Car trailers with covers are currently one of the most sought-after products. You will often see them while on the road due to their highly practical nature. You will not only protect your goods from unfavourable weather conditions such as heavy rain, sleet, snow or intense sunshine, but you will also look very smart and stand out from other road users. Having a high frame with tarpaulin at your disposal therefore makes it possible to protect your goods in the best possible way. Get your hands on one of our top car trailer models today and enjoy the immense possibilities offered by our car trailers.

Trailers with high frames from UNITRAILER

Trailers are often used together with high frames and tarps to enhance the protection of goods loaded on the transport surface. However, our trailers offer the possibility of detaching the frame off the trailer's sides in case they are no longer required. They are not permanently affixed onto the trailer's bodywork, which means that you can assemble it depending on your needs. Detaching the pieces only takes a few minutes.

The most important aspect of any trailer are the dimensions of its frame and tarp. Our online shops offers frames which form roof-shaped tarps. Thanks to this, any precipitation will easily slide off the top, which means that you will not need to carry needless kilograms in the form of rain or snow. The higher the frame, the bigger the wind resistance. However, UNITRAILER trailers boasting 40 or 80 cm frames and tarps make it possible to drive without feeling any negative effects of wind resistance.

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