Coupling heads and Overrun devices

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Coupling heads and coupling units, sometimes also called overrun devices are all vital accessories when it commes to attaching the trailer onto your vehicle in a safe manner. At our online store, you will find plenty of coupling heads and coupling units, which have been produced by renowned manufacturers such as AL-KOKNOTTWINTERHOFF and STEELPRESS. The accessories in question boast a GVW values ranging between 700 and 3500 and are available at very affordable prices. If you want to travel risk-free with your trailer, simply get your hands on a coupling unit today and save yourself from all the hassle.

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Coupling heads 

Coupling heads are used to attach the trailer onto a vehicle. There are many different types of coupling heads - coupling heads for V-shaped drawbars, coupling heads for T-shaped drawbars, coupling heads for pipe-shaped drawbars etc. The main point of difference between them however, is their maximum permissible GVW value, maximum load capacity of the coupling hook and last but not least, their spacing between mounting holes, which can all vary from model to model. In the case of coupling heads available in our online store, all the information that you need for individual coupling models can be found on the product's page.
Coupling heads are equipped with a wear indicator, which helps to assess when the accessory in questions needs replacing. Another helpful source of information about the coupling head is the coupling correctness indicator, with the aid of which trailer users assess whether or not the trailer has been correctly connected onto a vehicle.

Trailer coupling units

Trailer coupling units also known as overrun devices are trailer accessories which are made up of not only a braking system but also of a coupling head and a steel casing, which connects the device together. It is possible to replace individual coupling unit parts rather than then whole set. It is also possible to equip the unit with shock absorbers.
Coupling units for heavy-duty braked trailers with a GVW of 750kg or more are mounted onto drawbars of regular car trailers and tow trucks. There is no need to assemble a coupling unit onto a light-duty trailer, as it is required neither by law nor by sheer laws of physics, which would otherwise demand for a heavy-duty trailer to be equipped with such an accessory. Using a coupling unit will therefore increase safety levels when your trailer is in drive mode and will thus significantly decrease the force exerted on your car's brake system.

Car trailer coupling heads and coupling units

The more a car trailer coupling unit is used, the more likely it is that it is going to fall victim of natural wear and tear. Before you head off on a long trip, it is worth checking the wear indicator of the coupling unit and the coupling head.
Coupling units are the only trailer element apart from the brake cord which connect the trailer with the towing vehicle. Assemblying the trailer coupling unit correctly is the first step which needs to be taken in order to reassure oneself of a safe drive. Here, at Unitrailer, we care about high quality products. It is for this reason that we sell only AL-KOKNOTTWINTERHOFF and STEELPRESS coupling units, as they offer the highest possible quality on the market. Choose the right coupling unit today and take care of your brake system the right way!