Tandem mudguards

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Twin axle trailer mudguards, also called tandem mudguards, can have varying dimensions just like any other mudguard on the market. The mudguards available at come in different sizes and are made either of high-quality PVC plastic of galvanised steel. As their name already suggests, twin axle trailer are designed for all trailers with a double axle brake structure. 

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Double axle mudguards

Mudguards for double axle trailer structures are designed for 13" and 14" wheels. For, example, the 14" steel tandem mudguard by UNITRAILER is universal and can be fitted onto most reputable trailer brands with two axles. The most common mudguard producers on the market are Domar, AL-KO and UNITRAILER. Hence, such mudguards may only be assembled onto trailers with two axles. If you are not sure what mudguard type will best suit your trailer, simpy give us a call and we our consultants will do our best to advise you on the right products.

Tandem mudguards for trailers

Tandem mudguards can be used both in light-duty and heavy-duty trailers. The vast majority of trailer users prefer trailer with a double axle braking system as it makes the whole structure more robust and durable. However, once one trailer part is robust and durable, all other trailer accessories must also follow suit. It is for this reason that tandem mudguards have been made of the high-quality materials to ensure that they remain undamaged after a long period of use.