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Trailers with flat tarpaulin, otherwise known as flat cover trailers, are not only a great asset to own when carrying goods necessitating their protection against adverse weather conditions, but they also prevent your goods from falling out of the trailer when driving. Our trailers as well as tarpaulins which we include in sets come in various sizes with a maximum GVW value of 750 kg (for all trailers with unbraked axles). We deliver our trailers to all parts of Ireland, including Northern Ireland. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions pertaining to our products. One of our qualified staff members will be more than happy to answer your call.

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Flat-tarp trailers available in affordable sets

High-quality trailers with flat covers are usually bought by those who wish to protect their goods against rain, hail, sleet, wind of intense sunshine. Standard trailers from UNITRAILER do not come with flat tarps, so it is up to you to decide what accessories you would like to purchase together with your car trailer. Upon acquiring a flat-cover trailer, you will be sure of the highest possible protection for your goodies against adverse weather conditions.

Trailer tarps are both extremely robust and come at very affordable prices. From as little as 20 euros, you will be able to cover the surface area in a matter of minutes. The tarps are waterproof and guarantee the highest possible protection for your transported items. Get your hands on a trailer with a flat cover today and get ready to plan plenty of trips ahead! 

Flat cover trailers

Thanks to their adequate dimensions and sizes, the tarps can be secured with the aid of a few simple steps. Simply attach the tarp onto elastic cords and fix the cords onto the trailer's plastic cleats. If you ever get tired of our flat tarps, keep in mind that you can always equip your trailer with a high frame including high tarpaulin. Owning a flat tarp means that you can only carry goods underneath it which are not higher than 30 cm. However, if you buy a high frame with a tarpaulin, you will boast a transport surface area height of up to 110 cm! Buying additional side extensions will give you even more space! Simply find a trailer which corresponds to your needs and contact us should you need further assistance. 

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