Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]
Jockey wheel nut for M10 DIN 985 bolt class 8
Bolt for mounting the support wheel M10x25, galvanized, class 8.8
Car trailer with kipper 230 x 125 Garden Trailer 230 KIPP 750 KG
Car trailer jockey wheel LB 48 Unitrailer
Jockey wheel clamp LB 48 UNITRAILER

Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]

  • Garden Trailer 230 KIPP is our largest trailer model with total surface area dimensions of 230 cm x 125 cm. Fantastic utility trailer on sale now at UNITRAILER. Robust grey flat tarpaulin and a jockey wheel included in the set.
Model: Garden Trailer 230 Kipp
GVW max.: 750 kg
Length of load compartment: 2304 mm
Load surface width: 1256 mm
Amount of axles: 1
Usage type: moving houses, transport of furniture, company freight transport
1 199,00 €
974,80 € Net price
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Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP - 230x125 cm [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]

1 199,00 €
974,80 € Net price
    504371 pts
    5043.71 pts
    Your previous questions regarding this product
    Do you sell any braked trailers?
    No, all UNITRAILER trailers are unbraked, which means that the maximum permissible weight of each trailer bought at UNITRAILER may not exceed 750 kg. Depending on the dimensions of our models, trailers may weight anywhere between 110 kg and 140 kg.
    What is the penalty for towing a trailer whose laden weight exceeds the manufacturer’s specified towing capacity for the drawing vehicle?
    According to RSA, if you don’t comply with laden weight provisions, you could receive a court summons if stopped by a Member of An Garda Síochána. If you’re convicted, you could be fined (up to €2,500), be given a prison sentence, or both. With the exception of where 38 Road safety advice and driver licensing rules for drawing light trailers it can be shown that the use of the vehicle is unauthorised, both the owner of the vehicle and whoever is driving it when the offence is recorded can be fined. Finally, if detected using a vehicle and trailer combination whose axles or laden weight exceed those specified by the vehicle or trailer manufacturer respectively you are liable to receive 1 penalty point and a €200 fine if paid within 28 days, rising to €300 if paid within the subsequent 28 days, or 3 penalty points and a fine not exceeding €2,500 if convicted in Court.
    Does a light trailer require roadworthiness testing?
    Only trailers over 3,500 kg have to be roadworthiness tested.
    I’m buying a trailer, what do I need to know?
    All new trailers must be type approved and hold a certificate of conformity. This means that the trailer has met a European safety and quality standard.
    Is the trailer going to be delivered with all necessary documentation?
    All UNITRAILER trailers are delivered together with all necessary documentation. You must not worry about any missing certificates of conformity – all is supplied along with the ordered goods.
    Are reverse lights compulsory on trailers?
    All trailers with a DGVW of more than 750 kg must be fitted with reverse lights. Trailers with DGVW of 750 kg or less must not be fitted with reverse lights.
    What driving licence category must I have in order to be able to tow this trailer?
    If you have a category B driving licence to drive a car, van or 4 X 4, you can tow a small trailer such as our UNITRAILER trailers. Your category B licence covers trailers with a MAM no greater than 750 kg.
    What is the maximum legal speed limit when towing a trailer?
    The maximum legal speed limit for a vehicle drawing a trailer is 80 km/h. Remember that if you are drawing a trailer, you are not entitled to drive in the outside lane of a motorway!
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    In a set

    Utility trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP [with flat tarpaulin and jockey wheel]

    Our brand-new utility trailer model Garden Trailer 230 KIPP is our newest trailer model which comes together in a set with a flat, grey tarpaulin made to measure for the surface area dimensions and a jockey wheel with a clamp bracket for the jockey wheel. All of this for a fantastic, unbeatable price! It is also our largest product with a maximum gross vehicle weight value of 750 kg. The trailer includes an openable tail gate, with the aid of which the loading and unloading of heavy goods will no longer pose any problems. With its adjustable drawbar, you can easily place the trailer on its tail gate virtually anywhere you wish. We deliver all our Garden Trailer 230 KIPP model together with all necessary documentation needed for the registration process to any location in Ireland.

    The trailer comes fully assembled and is delivered on a wooden pallet. It is ready to be drawn right from the get go. In this link, you will find all necessary information needed when towing a trailer in Ireland.

    What’s new with our latest KIPP model?

    Our new model is finally here!

    Over the past years, we have constantly looked into improving our trailers. It is time to introduce our newest model with a fantastically designed box structure. Each accessory and part has been carefully selected to ensure the best possible driving properties.

    Our new KIPP trailer series boasts new, improved features. This new model not only has been equipped with a new hinge structure for the side walls, but also boasts a new, unique side wall design. Grooving the edges guarantees the safe use and no sharpness when holding onto it. The bottom edge of each side wall has been flattened to improve your safety when loading and unloading your goods. The new side walls are 30 cm high, which means that they are more compact, but thanks to them, the surface area of the trailer is much larger!

    Garden Trailer 230 KIPP features such design changes as improved, standardised spacings between hooks for tarpaulin cords and an improved foldable drawbar design, reducing the space needed to store the trailer. The frames are also more stable, meaning that they are easier to mount. When buying our trailer in a set with a high frame, you receive more vertical beams, thereby increasing the stability of the entire structure. No more built-up of water on top of the tarpaulin! Say goodbye to excess water.

    This model has been also equipped with revolutionary rear wall bumpers – improving the safety of the rear wall when placing your trailer upright. Not only do you save plenty of space, but you also secure the structure of your rear wall.

    Delivered straight to your front door

    The trailer Garden Trailer 230 KIPP is delivered straight to your door with all necessary documentation across Ireland. It has a 2-year warranty, meaning you can always get our assistance.

    Swift, hassle-free delivery

    You do not have to worry about any paperwork or formalities when buying our Garden Trailer 230 KIPP model. We will do it all for you to save you valuable time. When collecting the trailer from the delivering company, please make sure that all documents have also been supplied. We value our customers most and it is for this exact reason that we guarantee the swiftest possible delivery.

    Benefits of owning our large car trailer model Garden Trailer 230 KIPP

    Our trailer comes with a 2-year warranty for all of its parts, so worry not about any potential damages. At any time, you have the possibility of obtaining our trailer accessories. Simply click on one of the above categories and find something for yourself. If you have any questions pertaining to the trailer itself, please do not hesitate to give one of our consultants a call, who will be more than happy to assist you during your purchase process.

    Additionally, our trailer is equipped with a tiltable drawbar, which means that you can easily load your goods onto the transport surface. Normally, you would need to lift all items before loading them onto the trailer, but thanks to our advanced system, that is no longer the case. This solution is normally used in expensive trailers, but luckily, thanks to our fantastically designed system, we managed to keep the costs nice and simple. 

    Another advantage of this large car trailer model is the ability to position it on its tailgate which means that you can store it in the smallest and most compact of areas.

    Comfort of use despite large dimensions - what Garden Trailer 230 KIPP is all about

    Garden Trailer 230 KIPP is made of galvanised, corrosion-resistant steel. Because the vast majority of trailers are kept outside rather than inside, we highly recommend that the trailer surface area be protected at all times with the aid of a tarpaulin. You can additionally equip the trailer with two metal support bars (also available on our website). In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have created our trailers in such a way that they can withstand the pressure exerted by various heavy objects such as construction site materials, furniture and even the likes or quads and motorbikes. At any moment, you can disassemble the tail gate, meaning that your trailer will have much more space for your needs.

    Simply remove the tail gate from its hinges and feel free to transport all kinds of long objects. It's really that easily.



    Technical parameters of Garden Trailer 230 KIPP

    • Chassis resting on a modern 750 kg torsion axle by AL-KO or KNOTT.
    • 155/70 R13 wheels located on the side of the trailer reduce the centre of gravity for improved driveability.
    • V-type drawbar.
    • The body is made of galvanised, robust metal sheets.
    • Flooring made of high-quality water-resistant plywood, 9 mm thick.
    • The entire structure is bolted in order to increase its robustness.

    The following can be additionally purchased:

    Przyczepa towarowa Garden Trailer 236 front

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss any trailer-related matters further, please do not hesitate to give us a call at anytime. Our experts will be more than happy to take your calls and assess the right product for you.

    To download
    Product code
    Garden Trailer 230 Kipp
    GVW min.
    300 kg
    GVW max.
    750 kg
    Length of load compartment
    2304 mm
    Load surface width
    1256 mm
    155/70 R13
    Spare wheel with spare wheel support bracket
    can be purchased additionally
    Where are the wheels
    outside the load compartment
    Type of suspension
    unbraked axle 750 kg
    Amount of axles
    Side walls
    Type of axle
    Side wall height
    300 mm
    Type of floor
    anti-slip plywood
    Tipping mechanism
    Usage type
    moving houses, transport of furniture
    company freight transport
    Weight of trailer
    129 kg
    Permissible payload
    620 kg
    Możliwe DMC